Options Available

We offer a full range of sewage treatment systems and septic tanks to cover all manner of applications.

Whether you need a lowcost solution or a high tech system our range caters for all requirements.

The smallest unit we offer is suitable for small properties, with up to 3  full time residents or for occasionally used properties like villas and holiday homes for use by 3 or 4 part time residents.

Our most common domestic installation caters for up to 6 full time residents benefiting from the ability to cope with busier periods with visitors etc for short spells.

We recommend that the larger system is installed in all cases where a house could be used by a larger number of residents in the future, even if there are only 2 residents at present. This will aid the re sale of your property in the future.

Our range continues through to systems that are designed to deal with the needs of  250 users.

All of our products and systems are available with full installation included throughout Bulgaria, or as a supply only basis  delivered directly to the required site. Our supply only options include full instructions for the correct installation and use of our products.

Peace of mind.

All of our full installations carry a 25 year workmanship guarantee which covers the installation work and many of the systems themselves carry 25 year guarantees covering all of the system components.