FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

As much as answering common questions that we receive, this page is also intended to deal with common myths,legends and lies about septic tanks and sewage treatment in Bulgaria.

Q. We have a terrible smell coming from our bathroom, do we need a new septic tank ?

A, Probably yes…but not because of the smell, the chances are you don’t actually have a septic tank.The most common cause of smells inside the house are from bad plumbing, most common suspects are the lack of proper water traps, also known as U bends or P traps, this alone or coupled with the lack of vent stack will cause toxic gases (the smell) to leak into the house.

Q, We have been told we have a Bulgarian soakaway system what is this ?

A, This is NOT a septic tank or a sewage treatment solution, it is actually an illegal way of dumping raw untreated sewage into a hole in the ground, Performed by many “builders” to save a few quid instead of doing the job properly.

Q, We have just bought / are looking at buying a house and our agent tells us there is a septic tank on the property already, how do we know if its safe to use ?

A, The simplest way is to ask for evidence of the system that is installed, to be legally compliant it must have a certificate of conformity, if there is no paperwork the chances are it is an illegal soakaway/cess pit.

Q, We’ve been told we don’t need a proper septic tank, it’s only Bulgaria and nobody has them. is this true ?

A, No absolutely not, this is a very common lie told by people with a vested interest, normally trying to sell you a house as being ready to use, a builder trying to make money from you by “saving” you money and by people who themselves are trying to justify why they are illegally dumping their raw sewage into the ground and polluting everything around them including the water table.

Q, We have a river/stream near to our property, is it ok just to put a pipe straight into that..? We’ve been told that the locals do it.

A, Absolutely not ! another highly illegal practice that i have witnessed first hand and reported. Amazed that anyone could even consider this as an option yet i do get asked and have seen it done. this practice is punishable by substantial fines of 5000 levs and you would have to be an absolute animal to consider doing so.

Q, Our septic tank fills up when it rains, is this normal ?

A, No, absolutely not. This is usually an indicator that you don’t have a septic tank, more likely an illegal cesspit / soakaway.

Q, What is this illegal cesspit / soakaway you keep talking about ?

A, There are pictures of several variations of this on the gallery page, but basically, a hole is dug then the sides of it are reinforced by either bricks, stones, rocks or tyres and a concrete slab is laid over the top. Thats it …sounds absolutely ridiculous doesn’t it but over 80% of our work is replacing these with a proper system, usually after the owner has been conned into having one built or inherited one when they bought a property having been told it was suitable.

Q, Do we have to have a specialist company install a septic tank ?

A, No, most of the models are easily installed by anyone physically capable and able to use a tape measure and spirit level.

Q, Will our warranty be affected if we install the tank ourselves ?

A, Not if the instructions are followed correctly.

Q, We have had a system installed by you, we are selling our property, is the guarantee transferable to the new owner ?

A, Yes, absolutely, all aspects of the guarantees that we provided to you at the time of supply/installation will be valid for the entire duration of the guarantee certificate, regardless as to how many times the property changes hands.